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Naupan vest

Naupan vest

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Naupan, Puebla

It is made by artisans from Zinacantán, Chiapas, who belong to the Naupan artisan group, under the design of Denisse Kuri.

This vest is woven with a backstrap loom, combining the technique with the front and back unraveling technique and the embroidery with the extra large basting pepenado technique. The latter is large at the top and smaller at the bottom, which makes it a striking, modern piece, with timeless colors and design.

It is ideal for warm weather, spring-summer type, or as a perfect complement to straight-cut jeans.

Care: Dry clean suggested.
Craft technique: embroidery
Allied Organization: Denisse Kuri
Craft group: Naupan
Artisan: Maria Martina Encarnación Pérez
Designer: Denisse Kuri

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