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little slime

little slime

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Tonala, Jalisco

The Limo jug honors the ancestral tradition of offering a glass of water. Made using the traditional technique of burnished clay, the cantarito transmits the flavor of the earth to the water and keeps it fresh. To define the shape, the traditional silhouette of the Tonalá pitcher is taken up, modifying the proportions and adding a base with three legs, to elevate it from the table and allow the air to embrace it. Approximate capacity: 1,300 ml The jug includes a glass to serve water.

Care: Cure the piece before first use to seal the pores. Place the piece in a container, cover it with water until it is completely submerged and leave it to act for 24 hours. Dry with a cloth. Wash with water and a little neutral liquid soap, using a soft sponge and dry with a cotton cloth. To keep the appearance of the products in good condition, we suggest not using chemicals, polishes or abrasive materials such as sponges or metal scouring pads.

Measurements : Ø18 x 25.5 cm
Color : Raw clay
Materials : Burnished Clay
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Grapefruit Study

Estudio Pomelo designs unique objects for everyday use, looking for them to provide meaning and to be adapt to current spaces with a contemporary, neutral and versatile language.

The objects of Estudio Pomelo solve the function using simple geometries, synthesizing use and form in a single gesture, with a clear attitude, without formal, conceptual or technological fuss.

We assume imperfection as an essential part of the beauty of the object. All the pieces are made by hand, in collaboration with artisans, using traditional techniques, exploring the different expressive possibilities of each material and each techniqu