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Zacatecas Botaneros

Zacatecas Botaneros

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Snack napkins inspired by Mexican herbalism, made and embroidered by women from the Villa Gonzalez Ortega community, in Zacatecas. This entity has a high degree of emigration of the male population to the United States, so women, left alone in charge of their families, look for ways to become self-employed, since it is common for couples to stop sending them money. At the other extreme are women who receive money and, having their basic needs covered, seek to engage in something productive; They generally learn crafts related to ribbon embroidery, decorative threads, fraying, sewing, filigree, textile painting, etc. They also combine these techniques in different decorative products for the home or even use it in quinceañera dresses.

Measurements : 15 x 20 cm
Colors : Beige
Materials : Beige linen fabric and ribbons

Política de envío

Es importante señalar que el tiempo de entrega puede exceder el plazo mencionado debido a la naturaleza artesanal de nuestros productos, los cuales son recolectados en la península de Yucatán y requieren un tiempo variable de recolección. Por lo general, el periodo de entrega es de aproximadamente 7 días, independientemente de la empresa de paquetería seleccionada por el cliente.

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