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pixel bag

pixel bag

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Chenalho, Chiapas

Travel bag woven on a waist loom by the Tsisum Antsetik group in the municipality of Chenalhó, Chiapas. The artisans of this group woven this canvas to be used as a travel bag, with lines in the warp and a weft thread, to later be embroidered with the technique known as “raised embroidery”. These bags are embroidered directly with thick needles using about 12 threads, the stitch is shaped following the design and then "raised" the embroidery to give it the effect of texture that stands out from the fabric. It is a piece that is loaded with the traditional techniques of the women of Chenalhó.

Care: To give it good care, it is suggested to wash dry or by hand, without scrubbing.

Technique: Backstrap loom
Measurements : Length: 62 cm, width: 40 cm
Colors : Black
Materials : Cotton

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