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Sea Foam Bag

Sea Foam Bag

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Queretaro, Queretaro

The Sea Foam Bag is a piece made by the La Esperanza Community and is made with jute thread. The bag gets its name due to the stitch of the crochet technique used, which is called “sea foam.” . This is a technique that the group has perfected over the last year which they learned independently. The lining of the bag is made with remnants of sanforized blanket from the Caralarga workshop.
The piece has two variants focused on its handle: one has a short and rigid handle 10 cm high and the other has a long and soft handle 56 cm high, which can be adjusted to different heights by tying a knot.

Care: Clean the jute with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash or bleach. The lining can be removed with an upholstery and/or carpet stain remover, gently rubbing with a clean towel over the stained surface.

Allied Organization: Longface
Craft group: La Esperanza
Designer: Longface
Craft technique: crochet knitting

Measurements : Fabric bag 30 cm x 23 cm Handle 10 cm height
Colors : Light brown
Materials : Jute

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Caralarga is a textile design and production workshop inspired by the raw materials of nature. We seek to preserve their essence and highlight their benefits by transforming them into pieces of high quality craftsmanship. With our designs we want to convey the value of our hands and highlight the natural beauty of each material. We like things as they are and we believe that a simple world is a better world; this is our source of inspiration. We are located in the former “El Hércules” Yarn and Weaving Factory in Querétaro, Mexico.