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Dance Bag

Dance Bag

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Santo Tomas Jalieza, Oaxaca

Cotton bag woven on a waist loom by the Mendoza family who are artisans from Santo Tomás Jalieza, Oaxaca. Jalieza is recognized for its belts and iconography, which came together in this piece to achieve a modern design full of history. The waist loom consists of intertwining threads with the help of a loom that is attached to the artisan's waist, one by one they are woven until they create a canvas through which they express their history. The combination of figures that come together in this bag represent a dancer with a feather headdress on his head, alluding to the dance of the feather. There may be difference in the width and height of the brocade.

Measurements : 42x40x18 cm
Color : Black base with white brocade.
Materials : 100% cotton thread
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Tuux Mexikoo

Tuux Mexikoo is a social enterprise that honors the cultural legacy of artisan expressions for social well-being.

It accompanies the processes of strengthening and development of artisans to break the inequality gaps through 4 social pillars: fair trade, recognition, empowerment, preservation of techniques. We link ethical and fair business opportunities with the design, production and marketing of handicrafts, we develop personalized projects for brands, companies, hotels, et